Sunday, 27 November 2016


One of the stranger things about life is its ability to change incredibly quickly and suddenly, which is a situation I’ve found myself right in the middle of over the past fortnight. The change in question is one that I am welcoming and very much looking forward to seeing through until the end.

For many years Brad and I have wanted to move to St. Anne’s in Lancashire but with rent, bills and general living we’ve never really been able to save the kind of money that would allow us to facilitate a move across the country, or situations would arise that left us dipping into any savings we’d managed to amass.
Happily our story has taken a massive route change and we’re now looking at moving over to the west coast at the beginning of February! In just six weeks I will be leaving the store I’ve worked in for over seven years, moving out of the flat we’ve called home for almost four years and saying a prolonged goodbye to my closest family and the handful of friends I have in the area. Ten years ago I moved away to Leeds for university with no intention of coming back to this town, so being able to finally leave again is an exhilarating feeling, especially to such a lovely part of the country.

This post is really a way for me to reflect on everything that's happened recently because the only reason we’re able to go through with the move is down to a very special lady, Brad’s aunty Elaine. She passed away a little under three weeks ago and her will specifies that her house is to be left to Brad, his little brother and their two cousins, which is the house we’ll be moving into.
It’s such a bittersweet time with so many highs that are underpinned by the low of missing Elaine and verging on feeling guilt that our happiness is ultimately coming from her not being around anymore. It’s a somewhat confusing scenario to be in but I can’t express heavily enough how grateful I am that this opportunity has come our way.

I’m aiming to be as productive as I can whilst everything is being planned and sorted to get us from Yorkshire to the Lancashire seaside. I'd also like to thank you for allowing me this outlet to share some thoughts on life and to acknowledge that sometimes brilliant things can come from deep sadness, a notion summed up perfectly by none other than Albus Dumbledore...

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Thursday, 3 November 2016


In Summer I made a post celebrating my favourite albums that are hitting their tenth year. Now I’ve decided to revisit that idea, turning my attention to films. These are films that I still watch regularly and, for the most part, I can’t believe that they’ve been out for an entire decade already! I’ve arranged them in release-date chronology so come with me on a gif-based walk down memory lane…

V FOR VENDETTA February 13th
With its political message and thought-provoking theme V for Vendetta has firmly identified itself as a work of social commentary that is even more relevant now than it was ten years ago. Well worth a re-watch if you haven’t seen it for a while.

SHE’S THE MAN March 17th
Amanda Bynes was one of the most gifted young comedy actresses of the noughties and her role in She’s the Man is one of the most brilliant performances in a teen movie. It’s a well-written script that lets youngsters in on jokes that go down just as well with adults.

May 19th
Arguably the best in the series of the Dan Brown film adaptations. Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou may be the main cast members, but it’s support from Ian McKellen and Paul Bettany with a story set against a gorgeous backdrop that makes this film so enjoyable.

My personal favourite of the Pirates films for the depth of the story, outstanding performances, stunning visuals and clever inclusion of humour. It takes a special film to have empathy for the bad guy and I defy anyone who doesn’t have any kind of feeling towards Davy Jones’s heartbreak.

THIS IS ENGLAND September 12th
It’s the film that kicked off our love of Lol, Woody, Shaun and the gang and was the perfect set up for the TV specials that followed. This Is England has the right blend of grit, humour and realism to keep it a solid favourite even a whole decade later and is a stylistic masterpiece from start to finish.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


I’m very happy to bring you a post that’s once again in collaboration with Adore Me, who are a lovely New York-based lingerie brand that offer high-end, luxury products at beautifully affordable prices. This time I’m bringing you my Fall Beauty Inspiration and introducing you to the ever-so-pretty Krystyna cami and shorts two piece.

ELF blush in Peachy Keen (image from / Adore Me Krystyna cami set (image from
For me a natural flush of colour on the cheeks is my Autumnal staple, with ELF’s blusher in Peachy Keen being my must-have for these colder seasons. Not only is Peachy Keen a beautiful nude shade that offers a gentle tint of colour, it brings gold-based tones to give a warmer depth and flash of highlight.
The reason I’ve picked the Krystyna set to go with Peachy Keen is for the way it falls into the lightly flushed colour grouping and is soft, gentle and flirty; a thorough contrast to the harsh weather and dark colours associated with this time of the year. Getting snuggled in this set after a relaxing bath is the perfect way to bring a girly flush of colour to the cold wintery nights that lie ahead.

Have a peruse of Adore Me at your own leisure and see which sets you'd like to get confident in this season - check them out.


Thursday, 27 October 2016


One of my favourite things in life is stationery so each year I really look forward to buying a new diary. It’s only October but I’ve already picked up a diary and a journal for 2017.
The diary is self-explanatory; I use it to keep track of appointments, work shifts and ideas for blog posts. I also use diaries as a way to update addresses and telephone numbers each year, especially now a lot of my friends are getting married, changing surnames and moving to different places.
Something that I’ve not bought for a long time is a journal, but I’m keen to get writing in one as of January 1st for a few different reasons...
  • In 2017 I’ll be turning 30 which is a milestone year that I want to document. In years to come I’ll be able to re-read my thoughts and feelings about hitting such an important age and look back on how my hopes and dreams ended up panning out.
  • Secondly, the process of wedding planning is becoming ever more real and 2017 may just be the year when that comes to the fore. Being able to reminisce when milestone anniversaries are reached will be so so special.
  • Another reason I’m keen to keep a journal is for my own mental health purposes. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I’m hoping I’ll be able to be honest with my feelings, which in turn will allow me to recognise the signs that a dark patch is impending. For too many years I’ve allowed those problems to control me and I’m definitely ready to get that control back.
  • Lastly I simply want a traditional way to track memories. The older I’m getting the more nostalgic I’m becoming and I’ve recently made moves to create a memory box and begin a photo album. A journal will be the tip of the pyramid in terms of memories and for the sake of posterity I’m really looking forward to having one as a keepsake.
Spending a year writing in a physical journal is an idea that I'm looking forward to putting into practice and I'm so eager to begin filling this one in because I haven't documented my life since back in the days of LiveJournal...but we won't be going into that because CRINGE does not come close!


My diary and journal are both from Tesco with the diary costing £4 and the journal coming in at £6.

Monday, 24 October 2016


On September 24th I moved a little further along the path of adulthood; September 24th was the day I levelled up from girlfriend to fiancée. After seven-and-a-half years of sharing life with my bear he surprised me in the best possible way and proposed with the most beautiful ring.

I’ve always been sure that getting engaged and married wouldn’t change anything because we’ve been together for so long, we’ve lived together for the entire time and it’d simply be a case of us having the same surname. It’s quickly become apparent that marriage is so much more than that.

Being a fiancée is a wonderful feeling. Knowing that you’re heading towards the final destination of being joined to the person you love the most in the world is so lovely. Before becoming engaged we always said forever in a way that we were both perfectly content with, but this is a deeper level of forever.
Becoming Brad’s wife is something that both excites and overwhelms me in the best ways imaginable. The thought of marrying the man I see as my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my number one supporter, my partner in fills me with a sense of pride that’s quite incomprehensible.

We were tiny clueless youths when we found each other and since then we’ve grown up and lived so many lives together with some seriously hard times battled through, one of which we're currently coming out the other side of. He makes me happy and he makes me want to be the best version of myself that I can be.

On September 24th I said ‘yes’. One day I’ll be saying ‘I do’ to the most incredible man I’ve ever met. I can’t wait.