Saturday, 12 May 2018


Apologies for the radio silence – my plans got turned upside down very unexpectedly! Let me explain…
My initial idea was to fit loosely into the following timescale:
  • April 1st – finish work to enjoy six weeks’ holiday BB (Before Bun); use that time to nest, prepare, relax and nap and use any free time to get the ball rolling on here working my way through the list of gory experiences I encountered during pregnancy.
  • May 17th – welcome Bun into the world and begin Journey of Motherhood.
So far, so acceptable. However, I made it just three days into those initial six weeks before things got scuppered on a triumphant level! Here’s what actually happened:
  • April 1st – finished work with the thought of some hefty naps on my mind.
  • April 5th – waters break SIX WEEKS EARLY at around 1am. Hotfoot it to hospital and get admitted to maternity ward.
  • April 6th – Spoiler Alert: Bun clattered into the world so unexpectedly at 02:50 and the birth story is both hilarious and tragic in equal measure. I'm looking forward to sharing that one but for now can you see what I mean when I say plans were scuppered?!
I fully intend to post everything I initially wanted to it’s just been on hold due to a very determined little noodle making a very determined appearance!
He’s now approaching 6 weeks old and almost at his due date of May 17th. It’s been a whirlwind but I am so proud of him and how strong he’s become. Nothing went according to plan at all but he’s here and he’s safe and he’s absolutely lovely.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018


It’s been a long time since I’ve made a blog post; for one reason or another 2017 just wasn’t the year for me.
But here I am with the freshest of starts for the new year and have so many exciting life changes coming in 2018, not least with the news that I’m going to become a mama in May!
I really want to document my journey to motherhood (gore and all!) and to have my own little space to get back into posting some beauty bits, lifestyle updates and a few personal points of interest. Ultimately I'm wanting to make this place a lot more personal and homely rather than simply being another beauty blog. That's in no way a discredit to the arena of beauty blogging, FYI, I just feel like the time is right to bring this place closer to home.

Anyway, I’ve got plenty of stories to go with as of now so have a read and feel free to pop in for a chat. It's nice to be back!

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Friday, 21 April 2017


Moving across the country has proven to be a surprisingly emotional event.
After the dust had settled and my brain began to defrost from the all-consuming thoughts of moving, job transferring, settling in and navigating my way around a new area the reality of everything and everyone I've left in Yorkshire likes to slam me out of nowhere from time-to-time.

image from weheartit
Whilst I have no regrets about coming to Lancashire there are times when I get homesick beyond belief and not a day goes by where I don't miss my family and friends.
Wednesday brought the first lot of bad news I've had to bear since moving; my auntie lost her fight with cancer. I couldn't feel further from my family and the hugs I'm craving from them inspired the following that I'd like to share for any of you who may be going through a tough time...

Appreciate every heartbeat and take no breath for granted.
Tell your special ones just how much you love them and hug them tightly every time you can.
Treat the fragility of life with the utmost respect.
Never waste a moment.
Never give yourself a reason to wish you had one more chance.
Take every opportunity you have with the people who live inside your heart.
Always make sure to live, laugh and love as fully as you can...
...every single day.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


"Nothing in nature blooms all year long, so do not expect yourself to do so either."

I saw the quote above on an Instagram meme page and, whilst the majority of the time I think they're irreverent little musings, this one struck me in a surprising way.

We're expected to present ourselves in the best way possible all day every day. But why? We are, after all, only human and sometimes life is hard; we cannot help but reflect this in our demeanour.
Emotion is difficult to contain, be it positive or negative, and people get too hard a time when they're not themselves.
'Chin up', 'cheer up', 'give us a smile'...I'm over all of those phrases and would like to see more acceptance for the days where we simply feel BLAH. Blah days are normal and blah days are sometimes very much needed.

So I have a proposal, which is to embrace the blah days and wallow in them as much as you like, be it for a couple of hours or for the entire day. Allow yourself to be closed off completely, if you so desire.
But the stipulation is this: take it no further and draw a line because, whilst nothing in nature blooms all year round, you must always remember that everything comes back to its best.
And so will you.