Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Christmas is my favourite time of year and the past few have seen a rise in luxury advent calendars. A small piece of chocolate is still good enough for some, but a few brands have been tempting me to part with some pennies for their festive offerings.
If I was going to dig into my purse for a luxury advent calendar it'd be for one of these:

L'Occitane en Provence: £45 | Ciaté: £49 | Benefit: £60 | Yankee Candle: £24.99

L'Occitane is one of my favourites for hand care. I suffer from split cuticles quite easily so discovering L'Occitane was a miracle and I always have one of their 30ml tubes of brilliance in my handbag.
This L'Occitane calendar is different to what we'd expect in that it has only 13 windows, echoing the tradition in Provence to have 13 desserts on the Christmas dinner table (count me in!).
The set includes hand care, fragrances, body care and skin care and are all undoubtedly extravagant in just the right way. This is definitely on my lust list this advent!

Ciaté's Mini Manor is yet again being lusted after by me. For the past couple of years I've been coveting these but they sell out crazy quick so I've never managed to get one to call my own.
As a girl who's always loved nail polish this set really appeals to me for the sheer variety that's included; 17 of Ciaté's most popular shades (mini), 5 textured polishes (mini), one full-sized polish and one set of Christmassy nail transfers.
My favourite thing about the Ciaté calendars are the three variations; not every single pack is the same so it's a bit more personal and definitely encourages more excitement opening the door each day to a total surprise.

Benefit are one of my favourite makeup brands and I scrolled through the list of what's included in this Candy Coated Countdown in sheer awe. Obviously, being limited to 8,000, the calendar is like pixie poop and they're going on eBay for between £150-£200 apiece now.
The calendar houses mini versions of Benefit products, including Benetint, That Gal!, They're Real!, It's Potent! and High Beam, and has seven 'Benesurprises' made up of cute-as-heck accessories.
The Candy Coated Countdown is, to me, the ultimate because I'm a bit of a weirdo for makeup miniatures and cute things. This has both, give it to me!

Last up, an admission: u
ntil very recently I wasn't aware that Yankee Candles were in on the luxury advent calendars game. Boy am I glad they are! I have Yankees scenting my house all year round and go a bit mad with stocking up on their seasonal scents, particularly at Hallowe'en and Christmas.
Having the Yankee Candle advent calendar would keep your place smelling Christmassy and wintery and just damn beautiful until the day itself.

The idea of luxury advent calendars is indulgent but that's what the Christmas period is about in many ways. It's not a bad thing. Quite the opposite - I think these little sets are a great way to treat yourself after a year of working/parenting/general living.
Much as I adore all of the ones mentioned above, the idea of the Yankee Candle calendar is sheer heaven to me and is actually the one I'd love the most. Payday is next Friday so I might just see if there are any left in stock. Purely for research purposes, of course.


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