Thursday, 27 November 2014


I'm away for a few days at the moment; I'm visiting the west coast with B to see some of his family before Christmas and I'm taking this opportunity to do a smidge of a holiday blog.
Today we spent the morning/early afternoon in St Anne's, followed by an evening at Ramp City for 5 hours of skateboarding. The weather wasn't brilliant but it didn't rain so I'm counting it as a good day! Plus it was pleasant to just wander round and spend time in a pretty little town.

We parked by Ashton Gardens, which is a beautiful area full of trees and greenery and water and all manner of loveliness. I've never been in them before but they're absolutely beautiful! I really feel like I've been missing out by not taking the opportunity to walk around them during every visit to the area over the past 6 years.

The best part was the wildlife! I adore ducks, so I was beyond happy to see them all there, along with some swans, moorhens, pigeons and seagulls. For the record, I think pigeons have an unnecessarily bad rep - the ones that were around today were pretty well-behaved! So were the seagulls actually. It was a nice little half hour spent making pals with the birds. We carried on walking through the gardens, with B telling me about his family bringing him to play when he was little and pointing out rocks that he climbed up or hills that seemed a lot bigger when he was 5.
At the town end of the gardens is the WWII Cenotaph which had all of its poppies and wreaths in place from Remembrance weekend. It's quite solemn seeing the statue and reading peoples' names who died in the fighting, so I sent up a silent thanks in their memory.

Wandering around St Anne's is always nice because it's generally a nice place to be. Plenty of trinket shops, cafés and pretty things; there's always somewhere to browse or something to look at.
Amongst other things we found a nice-looking tattoo studio called Manor House Tattoo Parlour. Every time we come away I try convincing B to get a 'holiday' tattoo, but we've never seen anywhere that looks good until now. We were invited in to look at portfolios and given a business card for future reference. Some studios have a weird vibe with newcomers but this one was friendly and welcoming. I'm looking forward to booking in with them ready for the next time we visit.

Nice as it is to wander and wander and wander some more, there's only so much wandering you can do before you're all wandered out. On the way back to the car B took me into a small Tesco to buy bread so I could feed the ducks on the way back through the gardens! It was my happiest half hour of the day and I made even more pals, one of which even let me give him a little pet on the head. Squee doesn't even come close!

Spending the evening at Ramp City was decent as well, even though it was beyond freezing and I was 94% convinced at one point that my toes and/or nose were going to drop off at any given second.
Anyway, irregardless, I love supporting my B with things that make him happy. It makes me proud to watch him because he's so good, but it also makes me happy that he's spending time doing something he enjoys. He gets so focused and determined and it makes me a little fuzzy on the inside seeing my boyfriend excel at something so brilliantly.

Now it's time for sleep because we might be going to Manchester tomorrow. I do love Manchester (aside from feeling like an epic troll because all the girls there are STUNNING!) and I'm looking forward to seeing it all seasonal and getting the chance to explore the Christmas markets.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.


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