Thursday, 27 November 2014


There was a slight change of plan today; B and I didn't go through to Manchester, instead opting for a bit of a lie-in. We went through to Blackpool instead and I managed to make a start on my Christmas shopping. I'm so far behind this year it's a relief to have a couple of presents under my belt!
The presents in question came courtesy of Big Woody's, which is a skateboard shop that's owned and run by Woody...who also owns Ramp City. This year I suggested to B that we put a £100 cap on gifts to each other so we don't go overboard and so these two gifts are making up part of his smaller presents.

Like yesterday there was a lot of wandering done and we ventured far and wide across the town. It's really strange visiting at this time of year because it's bordering on being derelict in places, then in the summer it's alive and thriving and FULL OF PEOPLE. Even the piers and Pleasure Beach are like places from times gone by during the closed season, it's quite surreal.

I didn't see anything else that tickled my fancy, plus I'm conscious that we're spending tomorrow in Manchester so I don't want to max out spending too much before the main trip.
Before heading back we dropped into Costa because, frankly, I was flagging and I needed a drink or two. I haven't been to Costa for a while, so my vanilla latte was enjoyed very much, and I was eyeing up the beautiful chocolate cake B plumped for.

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Since we got back I've caught up on some Hollyoaks, read some more of The Hobbit and had a pamper in the shower with some new shampoo and conditioner by Simple that were an absolute steal and I'm planning an entry on them already.
Also, I'm going to be doing an entry on my winter lipcare routine, as well as one on my take on Kylie Jenner's overlined lip look AND a post dedicated to a Naked3 dupe that's well worth a try if you can't afford/are unsure of the real Urban Decay version.
Being in Lancashire obviously gets my brain ticking!


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