Friday, 28 November 2014


Well someone (me) totally forgot that it's Black Friday today, until the anger-inducing scenes were shown on TV this morning of people behaving like utter morons trampling each other to death in shops to buy mildly discounted shit that they don't need.
So B and I decided to completely avoid Manchester city centre and head to the Trafford Centre instead. I was expecting it to be busy, but it wasn't overly bad and we were free to walk around without being harassed by crowds and people being maniacs.

I do love the Trafford Centre. Considering it's so big it's compact enough and there's the choice of 3 major department stores as well, win win. Selfridge's was incredible as ever, with trips to MAC for swatches of Rebel and Russian Red undertaken, a test of Bobbi Brown's Rose Shimmer Brick and a go of Illamasqua's Rosepout lipstick.

I didn't buy much today, but on the hitlist were a couple of bits from Lush because I have some kind of morbid obsession with the place.

Butterbear bath bomb: £1.95 | Star Light, Star Bright bath melt: £3.50
I can tell already that Star Light, Star Bright is going to cover me from head to toe in glitter and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT! I love glitter, so being coated in it in the bath is going to be awesome! I've read a couple of reviews online about SLSB and I've decided to go the route of making it last, so I'll cut it into chunks and relive the amazingness over and over. It smells really good and fresh too, so I'm going to spread it over a few festive morning baths to feel fresh, awake, invigorated and (best of all) glittery!
Butterbear is pretty standard in Lush terms; it's basically Butterball in the shape of a bear. So why bother? Because Butterball is one of my favourite bath bombs and I love bears, simple. It's good marketing on their part; they see people like me a mile off!

The only other thing I bought was a little daft couple of Kool-Aid packets; Tropical Punch for B, Pink Lemonade for me. Jeez I love all things American but, in the spirit of being 'good' and 'responsible' with money (snigger...) I stuck with a little something in the form of Kool-Aid.
Everything tastes better when it's American.
Tropical Punch sachet and Pink Lemonade sachet: 99p each

We had food in Nando's, where there were some unexpected bargains. Firstly it was only £14.50 for both of our meals, which is pretty reasonable for a restaurant - sure it's casual, it's Nando's, but the price was good today. It probably helped that we got our drinks for free.
I ordered the food to be paid for with B's card, with the intention of paying for the drinks with my cash...but the guy on the till seemed to be fully immersed in the Black Friday spirit and shushed me with a 'It's OK, I'll just give you the glasses.' Who am I to complain? Whatever the reason for the guy's generosity I'm not one to deny it!

I made a point to keep my phone away today and not take photos because I saw two instances of people stealing so I made a point of keeping my bag fully zipped and close to me all the time.
The first incident was a dossy-looking guy in a dirty grey tracksuit who slipped a MAC blush straight up his sleeve! I told one of the counter girls straight away, who got security onto him, and I was kind of expecting a free goodie bag in return for my honesty...I kid, I kid, I was happy enough to see him foiled.
The other incident I couldn't do anything about because it was across the shop and no staff were around and I'm not Paul Blart Mall Cop. That's why they have CCTV I guess, I just hate that some people are so shitty.

And so that's it, the last full day of our time away. Tomorrow it's home time in the afternoon, after another swing by Ramp City to see Woody and have a little skate.
I'll be back to usual on the blog front once I'm home. I have a load of ideas for upcoming posts and I'm excited to get them all written and uploaded!


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