Friday, 23 January 2015


It was impossible to avoid talk of Kylie Jenner's lips last year. Has she had injections? Is it clever use of makeup? What products does she use? How can I achieve this look at home?
Kylie has firmly denied taking the surgical route, instead professing that her plump pout is down to a combination of MAC's Whirl lip pencil and Faux lipstick, along with some clever overlining techniques.
Personally I'm undecided over whether I believe that those lips are simply down to makeup but it's not stopped me from trying it myself. I think the Kylie Jenner lip obsession will run well into 2015, so here's a cheap-but-effective way to achieve the full lip look.

Lip Definer & Shaper: £3.95 e.l.f | Lipstick in Pink Sand from the Nude Kiss Collection: £2.99 W7

I already had both of these products and used them individual of eachother before I decided to try them together for the Kylie look. Both are budget buys but both have the longevity and colour payoff to see you through the day with minial topups. Not everyone can afford high-end brands, some people like to practise with cheaper products until they feel more confident and then splash out, or others simply prefer to make the most out of drugstore buys; whatever your reason for being interested in budget beauty I would recommend ELF and W7 as a couple of the better brands in this field.

Here's how I get the Kylie Jenner overlined lip without the Kardashian price tag...
> Using the defining end of the lip pencil lightly draw around your lips outside of the lipline. How far out you want to go is up to you but I find it best to follow my  natural lip line to keep the finished result looking neat. It's also important to mention that the lining process should always be done with the pencil super sharp; it gives a crisper line which helps to really define the lip edges.
> Follow this by colouring the whole of your lip with the pencil - this gives the lipstick a little something extra to cling onto and stops you from being left with the chola outline when the lipstick starts wearing off a little!
> Next up fill in your lips with Pink Sand using a lip brush. Brush application allows you more control over the product and lands it on your skin evenly. Lightly blot the first layer and reapply a second time. Use a small angled brush to follow the outline of your lips and tidy up any errors, then use the highlighting end of the pencil - sharp as you can again - to follow your Cupid's bow and really define the top lip.
> Finish the lips with a small patting of translucent powder to set the lipstick and liner in place and voila! A perfect pout with a perfect finish and all for less than £10!


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