Friday, 20 March 2015


Welcome to my first Brandwatch! This first edition is all about the wonderful Benefit, the brand with the quirky kitsch packaging and lovely girly hues.
With no further ado...

Top 5: BADgal mascara; £17.50 | Brow Zings; £24.50 | Rockateur blush; £23.50 | That Gal primer; £22.50 | High Brow pencil; £15.50
BADgal is the best mascara I've tried. That's a big claim but I'm standing by it! It's black, it's bold and it lasts all day long. I love how it makes the most of my lashes and leaves them super thick and super dark - exactly as I love them. Also, I find that a little goes a long way with BADgal and it's easy to build layers without risking the dreaded spider leg clumping!
Brow Zings is a lifesaver for me. I have barely any natural brows, so I rely on Brow Zings to stop me from looking like a boiled egg. I especially like the inclusion of a miniature set of tweezers and have developed an obsession with plucking stray hairs as soon as they start to make their way through. The combination of wax and powder sees Brow Zings last all day long, staying as fresh by hometime as they are first thing.
Rockateur was an impulse buy and one I'm glad of. It's easily buildable and looks great as either a sheer blush or a fuller pop of colour on the cheeks. Using the edge of the brush allows definition along the cheek hollows and it sits equally as well under highlighters for an extra something.
That Gal is the first Benefit product I tried and is the one I reach for when I'm feeling girly and fresh. The highlighting qualities are amazing and keeps makeup in place beautifully all day. Now that spring is rolling around I'll be reaching for this a lot more to show off some lovely light and dewy looks.
High Brow is on the list because it puts the finishing touches to special faces of makeup. I use it to highlight the arches of my brows, both over and under, and also as a Cupid's bow highlighter. It blends really well and gives a great pop when it's in place. I don't use High Brow in my day-to-day work makeup and keeping it as a 'special occasion' product really seems to emphasise how wonderful it is.

Bottom 3: Roller Lash mascara; £19.50 | They're Real! eyeliner; £18.50 | CORALista lipgloss; £14.50
Roller Lash is Benefit's newest offering and one that I'm disappointed with. It didn't curl my lashes and I found that I had to apply loads of it before I got a coverage that I was mildly happy with. For girls who prefer a more natural look I'd imagine that Roller Lash is brilliant, for me...not so much. The packaging is gorgeous though!
They're Real! eyeliner was a hype-based purchase and one that didn't live up to my expectations. The formula of the liner is odd and seems to stick to my eyelid, dragging along on application instead of flowing smoothly. While the liner is pitch black and lasts ages the difficulty in application is enough for this to be a no-go.
Lastly, CORALista looks amazing. Sadly, for me, it was not. The colour didn't distribute evenly and the gloss wore off so quickly I'd be topping up multiple times per hour. I really wanted CORALista to be brilliant but it wasn't at all and quickly got relegated to the bottom of my makeup bag.

What are your favourite vs least favourite products from Benefit?



  1. I've been wanting to try rockateur for a while now. It looks so gorgeous ! I absolutely love the porefessional and the they're real mascara =)

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    1. I'd thoroughly recommend buying Rockateur, it's one of the best blushes I've ever used! Porefessional is great too but I've found since using Illamasqua foundations I don't need to use it anymore as they really stay put.