Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Everyone loves a bargain but there's always the thought of 'you get what you pay for'. The majority of the time I'd agree with that, as paying a little bit extra usually does get you better quality when it comes to makeup. However, not everything with a hefty price tag is brilliant for everyone, while some things are cheap, cheerful and great in their own right.

1. Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner; Black; £2.99
This was the first liquid liner I ever tried and it's still the one I pick up most regularly. It flows well, it lasts, it's crisp and it's BLACK. I do use gel liners on occasion, and I do like some high-end liquid liners as well, but Fast Stroke is such a good product for the price it's always going to be in my makeup bag.
The applicator makes this for me, as I'm not comfortable using eyeliners that are big and 'felt tip'-like. It's smaller which gives it a lot more control and the thinness of the tip allows application right in the inner corners of the eyes.

2. e.l.f. Eyebrow Lifter and Filler; Dark; £3.95

I haven't actually looked for this product for a while now and it seems like it's been discontinued! I'm still including this here because it's worth a rave, simply for being a budget buy that completely exceeds all expectations. The 'fill' end gives great coverage and is versatile enough to be used on its own or as a base to go under a layer of powder, while the 'lift' is just the right blend of highlight and shimmer.
I'm disappointed that I can't find this pencil anywhere now but the love was good while it lasted!

3. W7 10 out of 10 Eyeshadow Palette; Browns; £5.95

As per my work's uniform requirements I'm not allowed to go super fancy or bold with my makeup, so I chose this palette as it's inexpensive and easy to use. It has a lot of well-pigmented colours that I can mix-and-match enough to keep things fresh while still keeping within the limits I'm set.
The palette contains a mix of matte, shimmer and satin shades, all of which blend beautifully and have great staying power, and I've found that a little goes a long way which is even better considering the price.

4. Rimmel Baby Lips Lip Balm; Pink Punch; £2.99
Bought with work in mind again, Baby Lips is a surprisingly good buy. I was expecting it to be mildly tinted and mildly moisturising, with a topup needed every hour or so. Wrong! The colour is a lot stronger than anticipated and the formula is so smooth and long-lasting it lasts easily from breakfast until lunch time. For an off-duty day Baby Lips is a brilliant buy because of getting the colour hit with such a moisturising formula and I really enjoy slicking it on after giving my lips a good sugar scrub buff.

5. 17 Blowout Mascara; Blackest Black; £6.29
Last up is one of the best mascaras I've tried for a long time. You may realise by now that I like my liner and my lashes BLACK and is this mascara BLACK. £6.29 might seem like it's not much of a 'budget' buy, but compared to £17.50 for Benefit's Bad Gal or £24.50 for Dior's Diorshow it very much is a penny-pinching purchase.
I love the fat bristles, I love the thickness of the mascara, I love how it doesn't clump and I love how it really opens up my eyes. For me this mascara is flawless and gives me exactly the lashes I want. This kind of look isn't to everyone's taste but, if you like 'em thick and you like 'em bold, I implore you to coat your lashes in this gem!

So this post has covered my top 5 favourite budget buys and why I'm a fan of them. Feel free to share yours in the comments!


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