Sunday, 15 March 2015


My mum is my best friend.
I'm incredibly thankful for everything she's done for me and how continually wonderful she is. Growing up I didn't always see it that way and, while we were close, she was often on the receiving end of my teenage angst. The Spice Girls' Mama sums it up perfectly. But she never faltered, always understood and continues to be my rock.

My miniature self in 1987 with Mum and her headache-inducing elephant jumper.

I don't get to see Mum as much as I'd like, but that's life when it comes to having a job, living away from home and the foundations of my own family. I treasure the time I do get to spend with her and it's why I wanted to take advantage of being able to see her this Mother's Day weekend.
Mum's tastes are simple and classic, yet she never asks for lots of specific presents and doesn't ever expect lots of money to be spent on her. She has a really frugal approach to gifts, so I always aim to respect that when I buy presents for her; it's quality and thought over excessive quantity.

F&F Morning Daisy pyjamas; £12 | Price's Open Window candle; £5.50 | Bouquet; £7.50

Yellow is Mum's favourite colour, so I got this cute combination in her bouquet to show that. The legging/vest pyjamas are there because it's getting warmer and Mum's a right one for her PJs. I have a hunch that she'll wear them as general house-clothes because she likes lazy Sundays after her busy weeks.
The candle is the only thing Mum actually asked for. She was very vague though, literally only asking for 'a candle'. I had a scout and a sniff and picked this Price's 'Open Window' offering, which smells midly floral with a hint of citrus. The scent is so lovely and the packaging has a beautiful sleek, clean look.

I also cooked us a lovely roast dinner as we had an
afternoon full of love and laughs and reminiscing. It really reenforced how lucky I am to have such a wonderful mum. When I have children of my own I'll know I'm doing a good job if I do it even half as well as mine.
Happy Mother's Day to all mums today, lots of love and kisses to you all!


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