Friday, 6 March 2015


Soap&Glory have long been one of my preferred brands. From their body butters, to their sugar scrubs, to their iconic Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss, I've never been without a bit of S&G since my mid-teens.
I've never been disappointed by anything Soap&Glory, which is why I'm so keen to try my new purchases! I'm not particularly loyal to one brand when it comes to face care; I've used Olay, Estée and everything in between and I'm hankering for a cocktail of care that keeps my skin happy.
The skin on my face falls into the combination category, with my T-Zone being prone to oiliness and the rest being normal-dry. I get bad breakouts on my chin during that special time of the month, but otherwise I'm blemish-free and have never suffered with acne or anything, for which I'm eternally grateful. Having combination skin is why I chose No Clogs Allowed and The Fab Pore, as per the recommendation on the Soap&Glory website, while The Ultimelt doesn't fit into a specific category and is marked as being suitable for all skin types.

No Clogs Allowed; £11.50 | The Ultimelt; £10.00 | The Fab Pore; £12.00

First Impressions
The packaging is clean and simple and a little more grown-up than some other Soap&Glory lines, while the descriptions have the same colloquial tone as ever. The sleek look of the unboxed products could happily see them nestled amongst high-end offerings and I'm particularly enjoying the look of the pale blue/white contrast on No Clogs Allowed and The Fab Pore.
All three products smell amazing. No Clogs Allowed is citrussy with a hint of something verging on mint, The Fab Pore is grapefruity and fresh and The Ultimelt is a bit more floral with a mild hit of an orange scent. Overall they all smell beautifully clean and evoke the thought that your skin will be super clean!
When it comes to the actual products they're all very different. From a few little squeezes onto the back of my hand I've discovered that The Fab Pore is incredibly silky and a little went a long way. No Clogs Allowed is thinner, spreads easily and is full of micro granules, which I'm confident will give a really deep clean. I'm really excited to experience its colour-changing magic as well! Lastly The Ultimelt is so creamy and thick I did a little 'ooh' as I was rubbing it in.

I'm so keen to use all of these products and I'm confident that my skin will really benefit from having a routine and specific products to keep it at its best. My routine will also include Peaches and Clean facial cleanser (not dicussed as it's not new to me), as The Ultimelt and No Clogs Allowed aren't specifically for everyday use.
In a couple of weeks I'll revisit these three beauties and give a little roundup of how they've worked and how my skin has been doing with them.

What's your current face care routine?


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