Monday, 6 April 2015


A while back I made a post on some Soap & Glory products I bought in order to up my skincare game. I feel like it's been sufficient time for me to be using them all to give a fair review, so here it is!
L-R: No Clogs Allowed; £11.50 | The Ultimelt; £10 | The Fab Pore; £12
No Clogs Allowed is hands down one of the best cleaners I've ever used. It's gorgeously exfoliating without being too abrasive and I really enjoy the satisfaction of seeing it turn blue to show that it's working hard! The warming element is something I've never known before and gives another dimension to the feeling of cleanliness, like a real treat once a week for a super deep cleanse.

The Ultimelt is incredible for me; it literally melts makeup away and leaves skin feeling so clean and soft I'm still in awe of how wonderful it is. When it comes to rinsing I don't use the cloth that comes with The Ultimelt, I choose to just stick with my usual flannel and find that's sufficient. I intended to alternate The Ultimelt with my pre-existing cleanser but quickly upgraded it to daily usage. For the makeup-vanishing qualities alone it is firmly in top place for me.

Lastly, The Fab Pore moisturiser is cooling, refreshing and sinks into skin so easily without a hint of greasiness. I choose to only use this cream on an evening and my face really loves to drink it in. I easily get dry patches on my cheeks and forehead, but they've been a non-issue since I began using The Fab Pore; perhaps it's because I use it religiously every night or perhaps I'm quite confident that it's actually the formula.

Overall I'm super happy that I plumped for these products and decided to try something new and establish a proper evening facecare routine. I've upped my water intake since starting this regime, which has also helped my skin become better, but the products alone have shown that they're good enough to make a real difference to my skin.
If you're in the market for new cleansers or moisturisers I'd recommend checking out any of these three, particularly if they're on any kind of offer because they're an absolute steal then.

Do you use any of these three? What's your current go-to skincare routine?


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