Monday, 13 April 2015


Hello! Today I'm here with a change of mind!

In my Benefit Brandwatch I mentioned that Roller Lash hadn't lived up to expectations for me and how I felt disappointed with the product. I'd like to retract that and proclaim my new-found love for Roller Lash.
It came about when I found myself unexpectedly out of my 17 Blowout mascara. I say 'unexpectedly', what I mean is it'd been on the way out for a week or so and it got to the day when I couldn't do any more with it. Anyway, my tester of Roller Lash was there, so I decided to use it with the idea that it'd tide me over until I could replace my Blowout.

Roller Lash; £19.50
The Hallelujah chorus sang and angels came down and kissed my forehead. Roller Lash had gone from a too-liquid-not-black-enough formula that left my lashes thin to a thickening, dark black lash-enhancing wonder product. Every claim made by Benefit was right; the separating, the lifting, the opening, the longevity...I've gone from hating the mascara to downright loving it.

I'm not sure what changed or why, but I've been using Roller Lash every day since then and I will fully admit that I've happily accepted it into my makeup bag, even going so far as considering buying a full-size version in the upcoming weeks.

Have you had a product surprise you after hating it to begin with?


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