Friday, 10 April 2015


Makup Friday is here!
I'm going to share a few new buys today in the shape of MUA's Luxe collection velvelt lip laquers. These babies are so new that I've only just bought them today and I've fallen instantly in love!

L-R; Tranquility, Reckless and Kooky | £3 each/3for2 Superdrug
The shades I've got are Tranquility, a gorgeous blushy nude; Reckless, a bold blood red; and Kooky, a deep vibrant purple.
Now, we all know how in love I am with matte lip products, as a lot of girls are nowadays, but I hate hate HATE having dry lips whilst I'm wearing the products. I'm pleased to announce that these velvet lip laquers are so far from drying I couldn't be happier! They dry gradually, as opposed to going on wet and quickly drying to a matte finish, so cracks don't form in your natural lip lines, and the formula feels protective even once the dryness has come around.

I've worn Tranquility and Kooky so far and they're both long-lasting, even through food and drink, and Tranquility even stayed in place through a 4 mile hike! While Tranquility can go it alone on the lips, Kooky needs a liner to make it look fully polished, and I'm suspecting the case will be the same for Reckless. I'm all for lipliner and having the crispness it offers in terms of defining the lips, but if you're not usually used to using it then maybe apply these velvet laquers with a small lip brush to get a well-defined tidy lip line.

For £3 the quality of these laquers is outstanding, as is the pigmentation and staying power and I kind of wish I'd picked up more shades. But I'm thoroughly pleased with the choices and, even better, getting them on a 3 for 2 deal makes it that bit sweeter!

Have you tried these lip laquers? Do you love or loathe matte lip products?


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