Saturday, 22 August 2015


I'm not usually one for limited edition makeup collections, but I did find myself lusting after a lot of Illamasqua's latest Dusk release. Inspired by the Middle East it offers an array of irresistible neutral and nude-toned makeup.
I stuck to a very restricted four items, and I say restricted because Dusk really caught my eye and offered shades that are very much 'me' throughout the entire collection. Being from a Mediterranean background and having an olive skin tone I could see every aspect of the collection going well with my colouring, but I figured I'd be good and stick with products that I'd use regularly.
With that in mind the four items I chose are the matte finish lipstick in Born, powder blush in Cherish, lip Slick Stick in True and the Illustrator Pen eyeliner.

Each piece is set in the standard sleek black Illamasqua packaging and fit in perfectly with the rest of their range, whilst the quality is high and all colours are true and long lasting. A lot of companies do quirky and different packaging for their limited items but I prefer this option Illamasqua have taken to remain plain and black - perfect!

Cherish (£22) has become my daily go-to blusher and works incredibly beautifully with nude-toned natural looks (as shown in my video), with the seemingly-OTT sparkle being a soft shimmery glow that's easy to rock during the daytime. Born (£19.50) is pretty much a matte version of the brand's Glamore lipstick in Rosepout, which is a godsend for me. Rosepout is one of my favourite nude shades but I do feel like I have to top it up quite often, especially if food and drink are involved, so Born is wonderful for staying in place and keeping my lips coloured with minimal top ups.
True (£18.50) is the first Illamasqua lipliner I've bought and I'm so pleased with the results. It lasts forever and works brilliantly as a simple liner or as a colour in itself with some clear balm on top. I find that the colour matches particularly well with Illamasqua's Climax and MAC's Please Me lipsticks. Admittedly I was expecting True to be slightly more nude-coloured as opposed to pinky-hued but I love it regardless and wear it regularly.
Lastly, the Illustrator Pen (£20) is the first time I've ever used a felt tip-style eyeliner pen and I'm still getting to grips with it. The tip is super fine so it's great for getting right into the inner corner and for creating wonderful catty flicks. It's extra dark black and lasts all day long, so for those reasons alone it's a brilliant buy.

Overall I'm really pleased with the products I got from the Dusk collection and they've all become regulars on my face. I've had around a month to get good use out of each item and I don't think I could be happier with the four things I picked from the range. At the end of this month the new Earth collection is coming out, so there's some potential new purchases being lined up in my mind already!

Did you buy anything from Illamasqua's Dusk collection?
Will you be picking anything up from the Earth range?



  1. I was given an Illamasqua lipgloss for my birthday last year that was nude and literally fell in love with the brand, I've been checking their website whenever I'm paid for stuff but there's nothing that I've really been able to justify my spending on until I saw this collection, think I'll be picking up the illustrator pen and Cherish blusher on my payday :) xxx

    1. Good choices, let me know what you think of them :)
      Even now I'm still in awe over how long the eyeliner lasts and how little blusher you need to get a great coverage.
      Illamasqua is my favourite brand by far and my wishlist on their site is far too long!