Monday, 17 August 2015


Oh Lush, how I love thee!
I've been coveting everything Lush that's Oxford Street-exclusive since the store opened but, sadly, living 5 hours north of London has meant that I've never tried any of it yet.
So imagine my delight when Lush announced their recent overhaul! From a purely selfish perspective I'm thrilled that they've released some previously-exclusive items into their everyday repertoire, although it is saddening to see some of the old favourites disappear into discontinued heaven.

I had a little splurge on some of the releases and thought I'd make a little post sharing what I've bought...


- Enticing because it's for charity, even though it's not the kind of scent I'd usually plump for. £3.95 with all profits going towards funding for tagging endangered hen harrier chicks.
The Experimenter - A bright, bold glitter bomb that smells so sweet and fresh with vetivert oil to keep skin amazingly soft. I've used this one already and it's so brilliant I can't recommend it enough! £3.95.
Yoga Bomb - The thought of dipping into an indulgent, colourful, relaxing bath had me keen for Yoga Bomb. It smells different from the sweetness I always reach for but I'm looking forward to a long relax with this one. £3.95.
Frozen - The silver lustre inside this bomb is what made me so stoked to put it in my basket. Relaxing baths are one thing; shimmery, glittery princess baths are quite another and just so happen to be my favourite! Frozen's scent seems like one for a proper pick-me-up so I'll keep it for when I'm feeling blue. £3.95.
Intergalactic - Popping candy, neon, shimmer...this sounds like the queen of bath bombs. I'm excited to try this one as it comes across as a bit more masculine on the scent scale so it'll be a new experience for me which I'm keen to try. £3.95.

Milky Bath - A bubble bar in the shape of a milk bottle, complete with a little silver cap! What's not to love? Aesthetics aside this little bubble bar is a winner for it's skin-enriching milkiness and gentle citrus scent. I'm always happy with Lush bubble bars so I'm very keen to give this one a go! £3.75.
Pink Flamingo - Bubbles on a stick in the shape of a flamingo is something I was on board with as soon as I clapped eyes on it. I'm a sucker for kitsch pink things, so this fits the specs brilliantly, and it smells of the ever-famous Snow Fairy which is, in my opinion, the ULTIMATE. Bring on the bird. £5.95.

The Comforter Shower Cream - One of my favourite Lush products is The Comforter bubble bar, so as soon as I knew of this shower cream's existence I had to give it a go. Whilst it's not as bubbly as some shower gels I did feel squeaky clean after using it, my skin was beautifully soft and it left the signature Comforter smell on my body. Wonderful. £9.50/250g.
Beautiful Shower Gel - In contrast to the snuggly side of The Comforter, I put some Beautiful shower gel in my basket as an option for the mornings where I need a real boost to make me feel awake and invigorated. It smells incredible and I'm looking forward to have a shimmer of golden lustre whenever I use it. £9.50/250g.

Overall I'm SO happy with the things I ordered from Lush and can't wait to work my way through all of my purchases. I'm really pleased that these products are now available on a wide scale and it's safe to say that my time in the bathroom is going to be super fun for the forseeable future!

What are your Lush favourites? Have you treated yourself recently?


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