Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Over the past couple of months I've decided to go cruelty free within my life. It's hypocritical of me to say that I adore animals yet still give my money to companies that harm them so brutally. I'm investing a lot of time into researching cruelty-free brands so that I can phase out anything nasty and will be doing it in a few stages, eventually ending with an overhaul of my food choices.

First up in my endeavours is vanity, as that's what I spend a lot of my money on and is the most sensible area to begin. These products are disposable and I'm buying them for sheer pleasure - I don't want my pleasure money going into the pockets of anymore torture houses. 
The beauty industry is notorious for animal testing and, looking through my collection, I've already made a list of brands that I won't be repurchasing from including Estée Lauder, Benefit, L'Oreal, MAC and Rimmel amongst others; extending to hair care I'll be turning my back on Aussie, Schwarzkopf, TRESemmé, Pantene and a few more.

Speaking to friends and family about this, one of the main things people have asked is along the lines of products I already own that come from tested brands. Put simply I'll keep using them then once they're done that's it, I won't repurchase. 
In an ideal world I could fling it all out but I'm not financially able to get rid of what I have in order to replace it all straight away. My train of thought is that I've already paid for the items so, in terms of money, the damage was already done when I dropped £75 at Esteé or £20 on Aussie. For me the next step is the important one: not putting any more money into cruel companies.

There's so much information available that I've found it easy to find out who to stick with, who to avoid and who to try out. It is a long process but it's so worth it and I'm happy to be making these small steps towards a cruelty-free life.
After I've got the vanity side of things on lockdown I'm going to turn my attention to household items; bathroom cleaners, washing up liquid, furniture polish, laundry cleaners and everything along those lines.
The learning curve I've just stepped onto is eye-opening and I'm pleased that I'm making these conscious decisions to work towards a cruelty-free life.

Do you buy cruelty-free or are you thinking of transitioning? Have you made the full switch already?


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