Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Hello everyone! Do you like the revamp?
I feel like WINTERXLIFE is on the verge of being exactly how I've always imagined it to be and, visually, I believe it's the best it's ever been. So far so vain...
Now I'd like to outline a few changes/updates in regards to content. I haven't been 100% happy with what I've been producing this year so I'm going to be tweaking some things.

→ I'm going to incorporate more lifestyle-based posts.
By this I mean more self-centric posts involving travel, tattoos, cruelty-free living, being straight edge, music and a host of other things, as well as sharing more of my own photographs. Makeup and beauty products won't be ditched by any means but I want to include more topics that interest me and build up more of my own dimensions.

→ Project 52 is staying.
I'll be starting with an update on what I've read since being offline, then I'll be ready to continue on Sunday with this week's read. Sunday is going to be the new Project 52 day; Saturdays tend to be busy for me and I'd like to stick with a day where I'll always have the time free and be able to upload.

→ Juicy Mondays will be no more.
This was one of the things I was least happy with and I don't think it fits the overall tone of what I want from my blog. I have some ideas for general health/food updates but it won't be as regimented as having one post per week about one specific side of a healthier lifestyle.

→ YouTube is on the back burner for now.
I currently film with my phone, which is more of a hindrance than a help, so I'm going to step away from that until I can use my proper camera and have become more confident in making videos. I enjoy making them but I don't want them to be substandard so, for now, I'm leaving that to one side.

→ One of my main aims is to be more sociable.
I read many blogs, all beautifully-presented and well-written, but I don't often find myself leaving comments. I'm determined to change that and get conversation flowing with lovely new people and, likewise, you're always very welcome to drop by for a chat here as well.

→ I have a couple of new pages up top.
For now all of my contact/social media details are there along with the beginnings of a blog directory. The companies I feature here will be going in there, so all links will be together in one handy place should you want to try them out for yourself.

→ I've reverted back to the original Blogger profile.
Google+ really never did it for me so I've gone back to a simpler way of doing things and I'm much happier with the way that works. I've also updated my Bloglovin' tab so please give me a click and follow me over there if you like what I'm doing.

Thanks for reading this and thankyou for understanding my reasonings behind the changes. I love writing and always want to do it the best I can. With the feeling of being a bit dissatisfied with myself a retake was certainly needed and I'm looking forward to having a lovely-looking blog with strong content that I'm fully happy with.


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