Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I often like to indulge in Lush's limited edition offerings and seasonal products so a few weeks back I had a little browse and picked up some Valentine's and Mother's Day specials.*

→ Lover Lamp bath bomb

The little red hearts that contrast against the white of the bath bomb remind me of sweet strawberry sauce on a fresh 99 ice cream cone and the scent is almost reminiscent of that, all vanilla and lovely with a tiny hint of something citrusy. The inclusion of cocoa butter has me dying to use this one soon because silky smooth skin is my ultimate weakness.

→ Prince Charming shower cream
Everyone raves about Prince Charming when it pays its yearly visit and I can now see why. It smells incredible and leaves skin feeling so soft it's hard not to touch yourself on the reg' after showering. The scent of pomegranate and grapefruit lingers beautifully as well, so much so it's easy to forego perfume when PC is around.

→ Unicorn Horn bubble bar
Unicorns are high on my list of mythical things I wish were real, right up there with mermaids and dieting willpower. I don't understand exactly what unicorns have to do with Valentine's Day but I love this bubble bar so much I won't dwell on that too much. It's sweet and bubbly and downright lovely; if a mystical bath is what's needed then Unicorn Horn will provide it. Break it into pieces to get three or four baths full of wonder and magic!

→ Yummy Mummy shower cream
If lavender-scented goodies are meant to be for nanas then colour me OAP. Veering on the Parma Violet side of lavender, Yummy Mummy has fast-become on of my favourite Lush scents and, like all of their shower creams, the after-effects are baby soft skin and long-lasting fragrance. Yummy Mummy lathers so well from such a small amount it's hard not to love it for so many reasons.

→ Rose Bombshell bath bomb
A gorgeous pink bomb that I'm intending to use on Sunday because being a cat mum counts, OK? The bomb itself is patterned with roses and smells like a beautiful, soft bouquet of flowers. The Lush site informs me that there are petals inside this, so it's a super special ballistic that's for pure indulgence and pampering. Bring it on.

There were a few things I decided to forego from the Valentine's and Mother's Day collections for various reasons and I'm really pleased with the items I did decide to choose.
Lush's Easter collection is currently available but I think I'm going to give those a miss this year because nothing really appeals to me too greatly...although if I end up near a store I'll probably end up buying a Golden Egg because it takes a stronger soul than I to resist such gorgeous golden sparkles.


* Pics to come, camera is currently being a toolbag.

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