Saturday, 20 February 2016


I like to simply ignore things that suck, but this product is so exceptionally bad that I can't bring myself to pretend that it doesn't exist. Revolution Makeup is one of my go-to brands and I've found that their products are very good, especially when taking into account their pricing.
Recently, however, I came across a lipstick from them that’s so poor I'm struggling to wrap my head around it properly.

100% Vamp from the Amazing line of lipsticks was bought on a whim because the colour really appealed to me. I've had good experiences with Revolution's lipsticks before but when I used 100% Vamp for the first time I wish I'd forgotten about it completely because it's vile.
The pigment is super patchy and settles weirdly in the lines of my lips. Add to that the horrible greasy texture and the chemical smell and this lipstick is being forever filed into the B-1N.

What disappointed me most is products like this are exactly why people admonish cheaper makeup brands without giving them a chance. If someone had 100% Vamp as their first Revolution Makeup purchase they probably wouldn't use them again, whereas I'm lucky enough to realise that this is a very unfortunate one-off.
I'll still very happily buy from Revolution but I was so thoroughly disappointed with this lipstick that I felt like my opinion had to be shared. On the plus side though, it did only cost £1 so it was a very cheap lesson learned.


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