Thursday, 30 June 2016


I'm still on the fence over how I feel about extremely highlighted makeup looks, but for £3 a pop I couldn't resist trying Makeup Revolution's Shimmer Bricks to ease me into things.
L-R: Radiant; Rose Gold
Brushes by Real Techniques
Bedding: Purrmaids by George Home at Asda

The bricks are available in shades Radiant and Rose Gold, with both being versatile offerings. Rose Gold is a deep coppery bronze combination, whereas Radiant is a lighter gold and has a more brightening effect. Radiant is the one I’ve most been leaning towards, but Rose Gold will be a winner when I eventually have a bit more colour after spending some time in the sun.
The pigmentation of both pans is exceptional and the wear is long-lasting. I found that I needed a touch-up during the day for both colours, but for the cheap price they do last well. The wear is very even and the full-on shimmer gradually breaks down to looking like a non-shimmery highlight. Texture-wise the powder is light and silky, it sits beautifully on top of liquid and powder and doesn’t crinkle, crease or go patchy.
Obviously the shimmer element is the most important aspect (the clue is in the name!) and it is honestly see-you-from-space incredible. I’m used to a less glittery finish and was a little taken aback to begin with, but with a light hand and a fluffy brush it’s easy to achieve a subtle daytime glow. On the glorious flipside it is possible to build up the product until you achieve glazed donut territory if that’s more your bag!

I can’t directly compare these bricks with anything else but for just £3 each I can recommend trying them out to add some shimmer to your summer.


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