Thursday, 15 September 2016


In the arena of all-natural haircare I’m firmly flying the flag as a member of Team Lush, with a good handful of their products taking up space in my bathroom for all sorts of hair requirements.
Two shampoos I like to alternate between are I Love Juicy and Rehab, which are both wonderful for a number of different reasons.
If you’re thinking of trying either in the near future, let me give you the lo-down on each one to help you make a lovely informed choice.

First up, I Love Juicy is a gorgeously fruity shampoo that smells delicious and gives a really deep clean from root to tip. One of the things I love most about ILJ is the full-on squeaky clean finish it gives to my hair, as well as the luscious shine it leaves behind that I rarely get from chemical-based products.
ILJ has seaweed for softness and all of the fruity enzymes work in harmony to break down excess oil on the scalp to give a lovely fresh head of hair. I Love Juicy works best if you don’t have much product build up but it is brilliant for minimal de-gunking and maximum revitalising.

Next is Rehab, which is the more heavygoing brother of I Love Juicy. It carries a more mature scent, with peppermint overtaking the fruity fragrances, and the inclusion of a few different oils – including rosemary and lavender – give it an overall more earthy tone.
Rehab delivers an intense cleanse, with the same fruity enzymes as ILJ, but calls on the added oils as backup to bring hair back to its absolute best, like restoring your tresses to their factory default. The results are soft, shiny locks with a lovely detoxed feel to the scalp that comes as a real indulgent treat, particularly if you’ve been heavy-handed with the styling products.

Rehab and I Love Juicy are both beautifully clarifying shampoos and both offer a really good cleanse. I only wash my hair once or twice each week, with both of these allowing a good 3-4 days before any grease begins to make itself known for me. My hair is thick, curly, quite dry-textured and mid-to-long in length so I use about a tablespoon’s-worth for each wash and that’s enough to get a plentiful lather and a good, deep clean.
When it comes to downsides there really aren’t any for either of these shampoos. They lather well, they last for a long time and they both deliver great results for making hair soft and shiny with a happy scalp to boot. They’re both the same price as well – £5.75/100g – so they really are neck and neck! For all of those reasons I recommend them both so highly and am confident that you can't really go wrong with either option.

Let me know which is your favourite in the comments.


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