Monday, 10 April 2017


Spring has sprung and it’s time to put the big coats and fluffy knitwear away for another six months, which can mean only one thing: a spring/summer wishlist!
I’m feeling quite girly right now, which is pretty clearly reflected in the items I’ve chosen for this season’s list, so feel free to have a look at what I’m currently coveting…

ZOEANNA ROSE WRAP FRONT MIDI DRESS: Pretty Little Thing Shape Range, £25
I generally don’t believe in love at first sight, but this dress has put paid to that because look at it. I’m going to be back in Yorkshire for Easter weekend and this has got such Girls’ Night Out vibes it is tempting me a whole lot.

The fact it’s velvet gives the dress a little more of an edge and the colour is a perfect hue that’ll see it through Easter, weddings, Christenings and so many more occasions that’ll this dress will be taken from a good night out to a surprising wardrobe staple.

I’m not much of a heels girl, but I tried these on a few weeks back and they are so comfortable. For just £15 they’re a real bargain and have the kind of heel that fits the ‘just the right height’ bracket.

Like the dress these are shoes that can be worn for any occasion and will go with any look or style due to their neutral colouring and simple design.
I’m more about spending my money on investment pieces lately and these shoes certainly fit the bill, with the rewear value being superb for the price.

GREY FREE RN FLYKNIT 2017: Nike Junior, £70
One of the perks of having small feet is being able to buy trainers from the kids’ section which really appeals to my style-for-less outlook. I’m able to go back to the gym after being out of action with a heel fracture for the past three weeks and I’m on the lookout for some new trainers due to my current New Balance being a little worse for wear.

The colour and texture of these Nikes is beautiful and fits with the athleisure aesthetic that I’m secretly a growing fan of! On style alone they’re appealing enough, but for just £70 – compared with the £105 for the adult version – they are truly irresistible.

Applique is everywhere right now and it’s a trend I’m really digging, with this bodysuit being one of the prettiest ways of wearing the trend I’ve seen so far. It’s cute and flirty, edging into slightly naughtier territory, and the ways to wear it are endless; with shorts for a day in the city, under a fitted midi skirt for date night, on its own for a trip to the beach or even with some high-waisted jeans if there’s a chill in the air.

The sewn roses are a great way to jazz up an outfit and, being the kind of girl who’s not the biggest lover of accessories, that’s just one more positive towards an applique bodysuit.

Topshop, £18
I love a cateye shape for any type of specs and pairing that with leopard print made them hit this list with no second thought. They’re an exaggerated version of a classic style and I’m a sucker for sunglasses that are oversized.

For just £18 they’re on the bargainous side of the price scale and are an OTT statement set of sunnies that will inject frivolity into the carefree seasons ahead. I feel like I’m a lot more chilled out recently, much more open to new experiences and a lot more ready to make the most of life and this pair of sunglasses speaks to my emerging more happy-go-lucky side!

I find it harder to pick things for the warmer seasons than I do for the colder ones - hey, I like it chilly OK?! - but I think these five pieces will see me through a bunch of occasions and give my wardrobe a bit of an update without breaking the bank.


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